360º photos for iPhone, iPod and iPad (10 novembre 2011)

Since Apple chose not to support Flash technology, the Web sites using this technology must provide an alternative to support their Net surfers using iOs from APPLE (iPhone/iPad/iPod). HTML 5 takes over mainly, as its support is not presently universal. It is thus important to support the two formats in some cases.

Since the best results to display interactive 360º photos are achieved with Flash technology, the ideal scenario is to offer 360º photos on Flash with an HTML5 version for people using iOs (iPhone/iPad/iPod). The options supported by HTML5 are added gradually and development is progressing rapidly. What will follow may only be better!

The example on the right is thus displayed on iOs just like on systems using Flash. Other examples shown on Jets.NHL.com allow to see 360º photos to which we also attached an iOs alternative (without video integration however).


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