About Bcom
Our team / partners
Martin Bond, M.Sc.
Martin Bond has been the president of Bcom since it was founded in 2000 and has the dual expertise in the company. His studies and passion for photography led him to develop the Bcom 360° product and the expertise in interactive virtual tours. Then, his master’s degree in computing, with specialisation in Web and content management, allowed him to develop Web solutions and to fully meet customer needs over the years.

Gilles Ambara, M.Sc.
Gilles Ambara has a master’s degree in software engineering and has over 12 years of experience in applications analysis and development, both for the Web and for a local context. He is also very familiar with the development of data-processing systems, their integration on the Web and the interconnections for various applications. The solutions with multiple connections are definitively handled by Mr. Ambara.

Stéphane Bond, M.Sc.
Stéphane Bond is a programmer who has a knack for learning new computer programming languages. New technologies have fascinated him since childhood and he has been on the lookout for the latest trends in software development. He has accumulated an impressive number of achievements, mainly in the field of applications on the Web. His master’s degree in applications portability and his experience in research make of him a key person to develop ambitious projects.

Denis Germain
Denis is an experienced graphic designer and an artist with multidimensional talent. He has worked considerably in marketing and photography and can speak the language of images in numerous contexts! A passionate Net surfer with dynamic ideas, he is a wiz with various image shooting and processing technologies. Denis is an invaluable asset in producing Bcom Web sites that are both trendy and effective! His mandates often go beyond our Web productions when he works with our customers on their company identity projects using various media (printed company material, signs, etc).

Paul Dicaire
Paul, an ex-Infantry officer with the Canadian Army, has over 20 years of experience in Sales, including his role as a Sales Development Consultant for the last 10 years. This, in addition to his strong involvement in minor hockey, makes Paul a real asset to Bcom, as he promotes our services to major league sports organizations across North America.

Serge Daigneault
Serge has been working in the SEO field since 2008, opening his own agency, “Référencement Web Montréal” in 2009. As part of the Bcom team, his role is to review clients’ websites and outline opportunities, tools and resources they can use to raise their visibility on search engines and social networks. Serge’s main goal: increase the number of qualified leads from website visitors, and generate sales for his clients.

Dominique McGraw-Barkla
Dominique McGraw-Barkla is the owner of Dynamic Translations - a world-wide provider of translation and linguistic services specializing in English and French. In her years of experience as a translator, she has developed a great reputation for producing high-quality translations and meeting deadlines. Dominique thrives on the dynamic nature of her profession and is delighted to collaborate with Bcom on their bilingual projects.

Hugo Thériault
Hugo Thériault has been a remote controlled helicopter pilot for 16 years. He has contributed his experience to allow us to produce traditional and 360° aerial photos. Whether the helicopter is 300 feet high or a few inches away from a tree branch, above a lake, a few feet above an adjacent building or between two obstacles, he always seeks to get the best shot possible.