360º Photos / Resolutions and formats
Since it was founded, Bcom has distinguished itself by the high-resolution of its high quality photos. We just love pixels and therefore our photos always have a high level of detail that impresses your customers. A high-resolution shot provides the flexibility required to meet your immediate and future needs.

Web resolutions
For use on the Web, we suggest the two following resolutions:
  • Standard resolution

  • High resolution
    • 18 to 32 megapixels - 2 to 3 megabyte files
    • Allows full screen posting
    • Advanced post-production (including the deletion of the tripod)
    • Very fast access for Internet users at high-speed (3 to 10 seconds)
    • Longer access for telephone modems (about 2 to 5 minutes)
    • Example of high resolution! (3 meg)

Mega resolution
We can produce high definition photos up to several hundred megapixels. All these details are useful for interactive (Web or interactive terminals) or printed (panoramic sign or partial photo) applications.
As an example, explore this 128 megapixel photo.


Interactive viewers
To provide your Internet users an interactive experience, Web integration is achieved with a viewer (often called plug-in). Over the years, technologies have evolved through formats such as Java, Shockwave and QuickTime. However, the most interesting trend is now an Adobe Flash viewer. In addition to providing practically universal access (98% of Internet users have Flash), it is with this viewer that we may carry out various interactions presented in our "Advanced interaction" page, and much more yet.

Conversion to VIDEO
Depending on your project needs, other options could be considered. For example, some of our customers had to integrate the 360° images in a linear video editing. The principle is simple: since the audience is passive in front of a video, it is a matter of programming a sequence of movements. Then the effects provided by the video editing tools give infinite possibilities. These videos may be exported and compressed in a Web format as in the following example, where you may see lower movement quality but greater broadcasting possibilities. Since our sources are high-resolution, it is also possible to transfer videos directly to high-definition Blu-ray or standard DVD. The following is an example produced for the Pierre-Le Gardeur Hospital.

Poster printing
A high-quality pixel rich source provides the ideal opportunity to make a rolled out version of a 360° photo or a partial panning. Small or very large posters may then be placed in your company shop. The following are examples. Others will be added shortly.