Web Applications / Photo Library
Our online photo library is a photo sharing application that allows firms to offer high-resolution file downloading to collaborators and the media, in a controlled environment. The users must have subscribed to access the photo bank. They may then place the wanted photos in their download basket. Before downloading the jpg high-resolution file, the users must specify the intended use for the photo chosen.

From the customer point of view, it is thus possible to:

  • manage the access of the users subscribed to the photo bank;
  • manage the contents of the photo bank;
  • observe the downloads that were made, according to various search criteria.
As usual with our applications, several customizing options are available. Thus, how to search the image bank may vary depending on the nature of the photos offered, the forms and the steps the users must observe.

For example, you may visit the Reford Gardens photo library since they have a public version without any downloading link, in addition to the version reserved for the media.

Once again, since each project is unique, you may contact us to determine which version of our photo library meets your needs.